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Fuck Chuck

Don't get it twisted, I enjoy a good Walker, Texas Ranger episode, but I continue seeing Chuck Norris references everywhere from College Gameday to CNN even after the guy stopped being cool 20 minutes after everyone starting reading his facts. He's like the Borat of violence. Unfortunately, he's only going to get more press coverage since he's attached himself to presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Now, I don't despise Huckabee as he seems like the most reasonable of the Republican candidates, but if Chuck was really smart he'd have endorsed Ron Paul and all of his demential super-highway-building, no-taxes-forever-and-ever policies. I mean, is there a better way to get lazy, pseudo-political college kids to love you more?

You want a Chuck Norris fact? Here's the last one you'll ever need...

In The Way of the Dragon, Chuck Norris got his neck bone disconnected by Bruce Lee.

You have to love the cat.