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Heath Ledger dead at 28

Heath Ledger was about to turn in the greatest - Yeah, I said it, greatest - method acting performance of all-time as the Joker in the future summer blockbuster The Dark Knight. I don't know what kind of chaos this will cause the film, but I guess it's not really important right now.

Ledger began keeping a notebook 4 months prior to shooting "filled with images and thoughts helpful to the Joker back story, like a list of things the Joker would find funny," according to the New York Times. They site AIDS as one example of something the Joker would find funny, but I imagine it got way worse than that. In addition, Ledger locked himself away in a hotel for a month simply absorbing the character.

On top of all that, he had gotten divorced in September 2007. I can't begin to imagine his state of mind, but I hope that his loyalty to the character didn't cause his downfall. He was extraordinarily talented and he will be dearly missed in the acting community.