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Nobody likes South Dakota

Here's a fantastic example of why you shouldn't always trust what you read on Wikipedia. I did not edit this in any way.

Topic: Easter Parade (Song)

"'Easter Parade' is a popular song. It was written by Irving Berlin and was published in 1933.

The song was introduced in the musical As Thousands Cheer. In 1948, it was featured in the musical film of the same name. It has become a standard. It is also included in Holiday Inn

Easter is a holiday that Christians celebrate. At easter, the Easter Bunny hops around, hiding eggs for all the little children to find. Instead of yolk, there is candy inside the eggs. Where does the rabbit get the candy-filled eggs? This is one of the world's greatest mysteries.

Parades are cool. Everyone likes parades. Sometimes parades have floats, which are awesome. If you don't have parades in your town, its because you live in South Dakota. Nobody likes South Dakota."

the description has been taken down. :(

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