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S110: Letter of Regret

S110 is this really neato class I'm taking where we talk about statistics, means, medians, and modes, and sometimes we even get to read radical books written in 1954, otherwise known as the Glory Days of segregation and the Cold War! Wahoo!

Even better, periodically we get to answer questions and/or define words in our gurnals! We are allowed three "formally noted" skips and since I have yet to purchase one of the books, I had to use up my three all at once. Here is my formal notation of skippage.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am formally noting the untimely passing of NardiIntro & Chapter 1, Nardi Chapter 2, and NardiChapter 3. I realize this puts me in an unfavorable position, as I have carelessly wasted my three (Count ‘em, three!) available readings to be skipped, yet, however deleterious the situation, I will prevail. Like a basketball head coach who has capriciously used up all his or her timeouts in the third quarter, I must now rely on my wily, veteran point guard to stalwartly lead me to victory. (I guess in this metaphor, the point guard would be my brain, but with a newfound focus. Or something like that; metaphors can be confusing.)

Alas, if only the scripture of Nardi weren’t so elusive, perchance my dilemma shan’t exist. But excuses I will make none, as time and again my leisure has been self-deviated from the statistical pursuits of S110. In closing, I fear not that further entries will fail to achieve the glory and wonder so expected from questions such as “What is the definition of cross-tabulations?” Oh, no! I’m not fearing any question! I have only hope that my omissions will not be seen as dormancy through the spectacles of justice, but as mere absentees in a collection of righteousness. A false hope perhaps, but let us not forget the words of future president, if not now in 2008 then soon, Barack Obama, that “in the unlikely story that is (S110), there has never been anything false about hope.”

Eternally Yours,

Alex Thomas Kenny

don't you mean journal?

yeah, whatever. i guess i'm not all smart like you.

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