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Things I learned from Yasmiyn

I grew so much today.

For my S110 class, perhaps the most elementary stats class ever, I have to do a computer project (Hi Taylor!) and part of that project is analyzing data from some guy who wondered if different people raised their kids to obey authority or to think more for themselves. As you might expect, we looked at data comparing black people and white people.

Today, Taylor and I met with our teacher and in the process of telling us how we could improve our project, Mrs. Irizarry taught me so many things about race relations. I am reposting her insights because I believe educating the masses about race is essential to America's path to perfection. (Basically, I'm the new Obama. Or Yasmiyn is. I'm not really sure.)
  • White people are more numerous than black people.
  • When doing a survey, don't interview too many black people.
  • Black Latinos live under rocks.
  • Black people are the majority in Africa.
  • White kids are born to think.
  • Black people do have white-collar jobs! (We'll have to change the name. How about "diversity-collar?")
  • Generalizations are grand for describing people of all types!