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Elitist, secret Muslims

In this week's Time magazine, there is a story about Ann Dunham Sutoro, otherwise known as Barack Obama's mother. It is a fascinating read that only further proves how high and mighty Senator Obama really is. And I quote...

"When her son was almost 2, Ann returned to college. Money was tight. She collected food stamps and relied on her parents to help take care of young Barack."

"Lolo's [Barack's stepfather] house, on the outskirts of Jakarta, was a long way from the high-rises of Honolulu. There was no electricity, and the streets were not paved...Ann and her son were the first foreigners to live in the neighborhood...Two baby crocodiles, along with chickens and birds of paradise, occupied the backyard."

It also says that as a child he was razzed for being chubbier than the local Indonesians. Apparently, "he seemed to shrug off the teasing, eating tofu and tempeh like all the other kids, playing soccer and picking guavas from the trees."

Guavas, eh? Guess what, Mr. Obama, some of us don't even have access to Indonesian guava trees! I wasn't born into luxury. I couldn't reach out from the window in my ivory tower and pick a sweet, delicious guava as I said hello to my pet crocodiles and chickens. It's almost like he was living in the Garden of Eden itself. Lucky son of a remarkable woman.