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R100: Intro to Terrible Ideas

Meet Michael Flitcraft, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati who, apparently, is spearheading the worst fucking idea I've heard in a long time.

Really? I know making sure college students have lots and lots of guns sounds like a great idea, if only it wasn't such a very awful one.

The shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois have scared plenty of people, trust me, I'm one of them. However, I fail to see the logic that suggests we can solve the problem of college students getting shot by arming more college students. Two isolated incidents do not a valid argument make.

Unfortunately for all of us, we have a mass media that glamorizes events like the Virginia Tech massacre because it's a compelling news story that'll bring in tons of viewers and therefore tons of money. Tragedy, death, violence, tears, family, fear, heroes, villains, and the list goes on. You name it and these stories have it; it's a network's wet dream. This emboldens (buzz word!) others to replicate such atrocities if they too feel suicidal or depressed or angry or bitter or what have you.

Maybe it's just my campus, but I see hundreds of students doing irresponsible things every single day and thankfully these things don't involve deadly weaponry. (At least not yet.) And I'm talking about sober people! During the weekdays! I don't even want to imagine what could happen on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night when a bunch of drunk, gun-toting frat boys get together. Suffice to say that somebody's mom isn't going to have a pleasant tomorrow.

A host of other questions arise, such as what happens when somebody notices a kid in class has a gun? Well, there's chaos. Or the Student for Concealed Carry getting arrested. Perhaps we could mandate handing out badges that say "I'm allowed to carry a pistol" with the purchase of any handgun. But wait! What happens when one of those badge-wielding super students goes off his meds and blows away his peers? The perpetrator in the Northern Illinois shooting was considered by all around him to be perfectly normal. He could have just as easily been one of these kids who thinks by arming himself he can prevent such a malicious and capricious attack.

And if college students are armed, what about high schoolers who are of legal age? Shootings happen in high school too, we'd have to make sure those kids can protect themselves. But then what do we do with middle schoolers? Shootings happen in middle school too. I know, let's have a designated classroom gun! "Congratulations Billy! It's your week to run to the desk and grab the Beretta if something goes wrong!"

If none of this appeals to you, just ask yourself one question, "Do I really want a kid who wears a Chevy hat with an American flag on the bill to own another gun?" The answer to that question is an empathic "No."