Friday, May 23, 2008


This is a little meaner than many other of the The Onion videos, but sometimes mean = funny. Watch it once for the featured content, then watch it again for the news scroll bar.

Things that bother me as an intelligent human being

Cats with poor grammar.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Things that bother me as an intelligent human being

I don't mean to sounds elitist, but I'm smart. I mean, look at me. Name one thing about this picture that doesn't shout "genius." Or better yet, "GENIUS!"

Now, just because I'm smart, that doesn't mean I think I'm the brightest guy in the world. Michael Eric Dyson could be reading my blog and I don't even know about it. Apparently, I also have friends who occasionally waste their time reading this and despite such a poor, poor choice, I know they're intelligent as well. So to all smart people who read this blather, I have come up with this wonderful new feature.

Do you know what bothers me as an intelligent human being? When someone (obviously less intelligent than I) prefaces something they're about to talk about with "I don't know much about ____, but..."