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TV sucks

You had to know it was coming. Without question the worst "show" on television is Ned's.

"Tune in to Comedy Central on Wednesday night for a brand new episode of Mind of Mencia! Fuck you, America!"

"Wednesday nights just got better thanks to a new season of Mind of Menica! Because here at Comedy Central, we've just stopped trying!"

"What's the worst thing you've ever done in your life? Eh, eh - not so fast! Join us tonight for an all-new episode of Mind of Mencia!"

"Watch your favorite jokes from other comedians get stolen, tonight on Mind of Mencia!"

"Carlos Mencia doesn't care what you think! But just don't call him lame, cause then he'll get really, really sad."

"Mind of Mencia: Authentic Mexican comedy! Brought to you by Taco Bell, authentic Mexican cuisine!"

"Carlos Mencia is back! Why? Because he's the only half-German, half-Honduran person we could find to put on TV!"

"Mind of Mencia! It's the only show the Pope watches!!"

"Mind of Mencia - It's like Chappelle's Show and The Man Show hooked up and had a retarded, predictable baby!"

"Coming up next, brand new Carlos Mencia! How fast can you change the channel?"

"All-new episodes of Mind of Menica, Wednesday nights at 10:30/9:30 central! Because midgets are never NOT funny!"

"We'll be right back with more Mind of Mencia! If you're watching this, you must not have any friends at all!"