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Olympics Update *Special Edition*

Taekwondo, judo, and wrestling. Why are they so damn difficult to broadcast? And because of your lousy Olympics coverage, NBC, I missed Ara Abrahamian making the most defining statement in any Olympics ever! Jesse Owens in 1936? Close, but no cigar.

Angry after his defeat in the 84 kg weight class of the Greco-Roman wrestling semi-finals, Abrahamian stormed the judges table and had to be physically restrained by teammates. Now, I did not see the match (more like, Nonsensical Bullshit Coverage!) but Abrahamian not only thought he won the match, but that the judges had been corrupted. Whether the judges were influenced by outside sources, had a vendetta against Abrahamian, or just believed he lost is of no consequence, because the real story here is what the Swedish wrestler did at the medal ceremony. (Watch here!)

After the lowliest of medals had been placed around his neck, Abrahamian shook hands with fellow bronze medalist Nazmi Avluca (It's a shame that some great competitions feel the need to give out two bronze medals. Gross!) and proceeded to walk away, leaving his bronze medal on the mat. He retired from the sport, claiming that he considered this Olympics a failure having not won gold. At last, a guy with his head on straight!

Nobody comes to win a bronze! Firstly, it's a disgusting color, not to mention that it's not even a real metal! Do you see it on the Periodic Table? No! If it's not a real metal, it's not a real medal. And I'm glad to finally see someone with the guts to do what everyone else thinks of doing. Leave that shit right where it belongs! On the ground! Or in the garbage, but I guess there wasn't a trash can nearby.