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Olympics Update *Special Edition*

Christian Slater is Henry.
Christian Slater is Edward.
Christian Slater is lame.

If you haven't been watching the Olympics, you haven't been seeing NBC's promos for the newest worst show on television "My Own Worst Enemy." Not since Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has a unaired program looked so unwatchable. I dare this show to reach 13 episodes.

You get True Romance by a clear mile, Slater, and I'll even give you Broken Arrow because that is watchable action formula, but is there another good movie you've done? Casting you as a mysterious super spy is like casting Kevin Bacon as a dangerous vigilante killer. Oh, wait! That didn't work out either!

Oh, and if this show doesn't use "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit as a theme song, I'm going after David Semel.

Here, here's another one. Awful...