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Olympics Update X

Final Olympics update! Hooray! I've only got two things to talk about really, the closing ceremonies and an example of how angry Spanish people are they lost to the US in basketball. (Spanish "person" technically, but it's still hilarious.)

I think this picture really embodies the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Great competition set in beautiful scenery and architecture. China has a tremendous history, both glorious and atrocious (not unlike the Olympics) which I guess made it the perfect setting for the games. If I was IOC President Jacque Rogge, I still wouldn't have given them the games unless they agreed to make a legitimate effort to curb their human rights violations, but oh well, it was a great two weeks of athletic competition. An athletic competition that saw the US prevail, depending of course on how you look at it. The real sad part about it ending? All the Olympics pictures I have posted tend to get taken down. :(

And now for some fun. Here is one anonymous Spaniard's comments on the USA basketball team beating Spain. Let's just call him Bincente Bampos-Buereta Bíez.

Here's his Facebook status:
"reminds all US people that 2 minutes to the end of the game Spain was only 2 points down, and that Spain is the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP right now!!!"

Here is his old Facebook status:
Bicente is sad because the US basketball team doesn´t learn the FIBA rules... and the reffs doesn´t punish them on the field... that´s how the US won the olympics..."

Notice how he went from "the US won the Olympics" to "Spain is the world championship." The piss poor grammar aside, he's clearly desperate to hold on to some sense of accomplishment from the dirty racists of the Spanish national basketball team. And when I pointed out the racism of the Spaniards, he quickly went to this... (Read it to the best of your ability. I know it's difficult, but he's been out of the US for some time now.)

ok.. first, we are the racist people? i remember i´ve seen on tv how owen, the US guy that won 4 golds on the olympics of berlin 1936 telling to US channels that Hitler was better person with black people than all us white people!, plus we were the first empire to abolish slaverty, the US did it 150 years later... plus i´ve learn in YOUR OWN COUNTRY how racist you were 40 years ago... remember luter king?! yeah... and you and me know there´s still racism over there... in 2008! Spain never was, it is not, and will never be racist... and in second point, if the referee would punish you with (i don´t know how to say it in english) the 2 walks everytime the game start¿? we would beat you by 20 points! it is time for you to learn the real RULES!... and by the way... just for you to remember... we are the world championship!"

I had to remind this young lad that I never said the US isn't a racist nation. In fact, if you watch any major news network's coverage of the Obama campaign, you'll see it laced with stereotypes and be awed at the "experts" racializing his run at the presidency. At least once you'll hear someone "mistakenly" call him "Barack Osama," a clear attempt to mark Obama as the "other," as the "different," as the "un-American." Still, in all my studies on race in the United States, I don't remember ever reading about a "luter king."

After speaking with a translator, it appears that Binny is also upset with the US team violating rules of some kind. Not that Olympic referees are any good, but I think if the US team violated any FIBA rules, the refs (one "f") would have called it. For instance, the FIBA court is smaller than an NBA court, so if the US player goes out of bounds by a foot, such an infraction is hard to miss. Even for Olympic basketball refs.

Maybe my favorite is the "Spain never was, it is not, and will never be racist" line. Obviously, Binny has selective memory, because he doesn't seem to remember in 2006 when, and I'm paraphrasing from NPR, the Spanish government had to craft a new law to fight racism in sports after several black soccer players were the targets of insults and attacks. Such a selective memory would serve Bicente well if he ever decides to venture into politics.

That's it for the Olympics folks, hope you enjoyed my miserable attempt at covering them. Now that I have nothing to write about, I'll go back to posting old things I have written because new ideas are soooooo hard to come up with!