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The Parker Brothers are blushing

Recently, my friends and I played (and I use that word loosely) a game of Scrabble in which we tried to only put down offensive words or phrases. Here is the final list of plays.

Whore (which became Asswhore)
Vaginar (the southern pronunciation of vagina)
Queer (Used, of course, in the most uplifting way possible. Congratulations, gay people, on taking that word back!)
Bulge (which became Bulger because we had an R to use)
Rim (as in rim job)
Voink (a made-up euphemism for...well, anything dirty really.)
Labia (hilarious in a purely scientific fashion)
Lube (Lube.)
Clit (Took us forever to find it. Its place on the board that is! Ha!)
Tity (a deliberate misspelling of Titty - we needed the other T for something funnier)
Twat (for our English friends)
Head (as in oral sex)
Toed (inside joke for us, but I think you can figure it out)
Jizz (which became Jizzbag)
Muff dive (as in oral sex)
Mojos (the only non-dirty word on the board, but any word pronounced correctly can be filthy)
My pooner (just very enjoyable)
Ooesexn (as in "Oooh Eee! Sexing!")
I eat cunts (pretty self-explanatory)
and lastly...
Real Dongy Dik Pee (really the coup de grĂ¢ce of the board, so long we had to hook it down)

Oh, and in an earlier game, we played "I blows gay dongs." Too many letters, I know, but we made an exception.

hahahahaha i laughed out loud reading this. especially at the inside joke.

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