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The following classic comes from a computer class I took in 10th grade, the assignment being to create a flyer for something. The only stipulation was it had to include a Starport Airlines reference, the imaginary airline within the computer textbook we were working out of. This is my entry, altered somewhat because I could not get a decent full picture of the entire page. Therefore, I have kept the heading and written out all text that appeared beneath it.

I got a B because, and I'm not making this up, the teacher wrote, "Is the spell check not working?" This is only one of the reasons I believed myself to be smarter than pretty much every teacher I had in high school.

Do you have dyslexia? Don't just live with it, overcome it! On Saturday, March 7, 2003, the L.A.D. will be hosting its annual "Let's Learn Together" semniar in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dyslexia is a disorder that is embarrassing to amdit you have, but once you realize you have a problem, the next step is to solve it. This is where the L.A.D. comes in. Every year, people from all over America come togehter for one weekend and learn how to conquer thier disorder. This year's guest speaker will be the amazing actress from Sister Act fame, Whoopi Goldberg! Don't just deal with your dyslexia, overcome it! Together we can beat it!

Make travel reservations with our sponsor Starport Airlines. They have your tikcet!

For further questions, call the L.A.D. at 1-800-555-7898. (Please dial carefully.)

"Please dial carefully."

Ha ha, I love it. I actually had to go back and reread the poster to get the jokes, because my eyes instinctively glanced over the spelling errors and replaced them with their correct forms.

I can't believe your teacher didn't understand this.

There comes a time in every reasonably intelligent person's life when they realize that their instructors are human and often have less knowledge of their subject matter than the brightest of the students.

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