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A team of Hollywood megastars has joined forces for a viral video urging citizens to (not) vote. It's so extraordinarily condescending that it honestly makes me want to not vote. Jonah Hill, however, delivers a line so funny you almost won't care that everyone else (sans Sarah Silverman) does their damnedest to make you feel like a fucking moron.

allie made me watch this video and it just angered me.

"ohh we're celebrities and we're using reverse psychology because nobody has ever used it before and we're so smart and know everything that goes on in the world and leo let us use his studio because we're so rich and you shouldn't vote but you should and and and and we're rich so stfu."

I really want to watch this, but I'm working in the Biology Resource Center right now, and I'm afraid it is inappropriate for the 'study environment' since Sarah Silverman's in it. I hope it's funny, but Andrew makes me feel like it's stupid...

so, did you know you had to register to vote? I sure didn't because I'm a big fat idiot. I also don't understand how me telling 5 friends and them telling 5 friends makes a lot of people vote...why do celebrities think I'm so dumb?

hi kelly! hi andrew!

i'm glad this lame video upset other people. makes me think i'm not so paranoid after all.

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