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Kavalcade of Kartoon Komedy

Ooh... I, uh... I think it was probably a better idea to use C's. My bad.

If you're wondering what happens to all of the cutaway jokes that the Family Guy writing staff rejects (yes, they actually do reject some of them), then maybe you'll love the perfectly sensible pairing of Burger King and Seth MacFarlane and the hot, new YouTube sensation known as the "Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy."

While not funny in the least, we have be nice to these cartoon clips because they're really quite depressed after being trashed by the Family Guy writers. I mean, in the post "Cartoon Wars" era - "Cartoon Wars" being the South Park episodes that called out Family Guy's lazy writing style - the number of cutaway, or "manatee," jokes has skyrocketed in an obvious attempt to spite Matt Stone and Trey Parker. You'd think with this rise in cutaways that the Fox program could find a place for these hastily and poorly written pop culture references other than The Island of Misfit Manatees.

The first animation abortion was originally to appear in an episode where Peter and Brian accidentally become astronauts and are the first to discover life on Mars! Alien Regis and Kelly! Hahahaha! Upon their find, Peter says to Brian, "Gee Brian, this is worse than when your uncle was on the $25,000 pyramid."

My sides are splitting! Because I'm cutting them!

This next one is set up after Lois and the kids have gone to stay at her father's because Peter turned the house into a brothel. (Classic!) Lois says to her father, "Peter said we needed the extra money." To which her father replies, "That's a lamer excuse than Bob Marley's."

Haha, it's like they've never even heard the song! Hahahahaha!! And the Jamaican accent is spot on! MacFarlane delivers again!!

Stay tuned for more!