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Making friends the wrong way

The first day of a new class is always interesting. Looking around to see if any of your friends are there, making mental notes on who you'd like to sleep with, judging people who look like assholes. You know, the usual. What you don't often get on the first day of a new class is a glimpse of someone's real personality. Or 9/11 jokes. You hardly ever get 9/11 jokes on the first day. But guess who just rewrote that rule?

I didn't plan on making a September 11th joke, rarely do I ever go into a situation knowing I'm going to pull that rabbit out. It wasn't even that offensive of a joke, but perhaps making light of such a tragedy is never kosher. However, I abide by the George Carlin rule of comedy which says, "You can joke about anything, it all depends on how you construct the joke." So before you condemn my actions, please read the joke. (Cause it actually was pretty funny.)

Girl: (I'm paraphrasing) Well, I guess one interesting fact about me is that I was born on September 11th.

Me: Do you ever forget your own birthday?

Class: (One kid laughed. Most people were confused. And maybe some were offended, it was hard to gauge because I was looking at the girl.)

Me: (after looking around the room to discover less laughter than I thought there should be for such a well-placed line) What? Are we not laughing about that yet?

Class: (Kid laughed more. More confusion. Possibly more offense. Again, couldn't really tell.)

You see? Not as bad as you thought, was it?

(By the way, is that not the most unsafe school bus you've ever seen in your life?)

hahahaha just read this.

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