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Turns out that the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol, is pregnant. Congratulations, Universe, now I feel like an ass. I don't care much myself, but I wonder how this news will play with hardcore conservatives. I think at this point they are all so anti-Obama that it won't really matter. What's even more fun, however, is the conspiracy theories that are coming along with the baby.

#1: The McCain campaign is forcing her into a marriage she does not want to appease conservatives who think a child born out of wedlock is doomed to eternal hellfire. I'm taking credit for this one, simply because I haven't read it anywhere else. But clearly I can't be the first person who thought of this seeing as how I just learned she was pregnant. (Thanks, Andrew!)

#2: This next one is a little trickier. And not willing to risk my journalistic integrity, I'll let the Post Chronicle explain. They may see the claim as a cheap, smear tactic, with roots based in the liberal blogosphere, but they're not above printing it! I wonder if the Palin family is going to create a website to fight the smears a la Obama.

I am really hoping that Barack Obama nor Joe Biden touches this subject. I view it as a no-win situation, meaning some people can become easily inspired by the plight of Palin's daughter. Looks to be Obama's candidacy to lose and not win, so I think he should be mindful.

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