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Is this a group of undecided voters or an oil painting? Hi-oh!

"Senator Obama, it's good to be with you at a town hall meeting."

This was McCain's third sentence and failed joke number one of Tuesday's town hall debate. Unfortunately for us all, McCain had a lot more sentences and it seemed like even more failed attempts at humor.

The reason it's a joke, if you don't already know, is because early in the presidential campaign John McCain proposed to Obama that the two do 10 town hall debates. Obama, being so unreasonably reasonable, declined. Could you even imagine if he had accepted?! Ten town hall debates? Ten times the stump speeches? Ten times the McCain wandering around like a lost child?

I must admit, the challenge from McCain, made back in June if I'm not mistaken, was an excellent political move. Knowing full well Obama would reject such a ridiculous idea of 10 presidential debates, McCain could now say things like, "He's afraid to face the American people." or "He's afraid to debate me." I doubt anybody who's not a hardcore Republican believes that, but to put it in it's rightful place of lunacy, think about if you challenged a friend to 10 hot dog eating contests. "Ten? Why not one? Or two at the most? What would we learn from 10 hot dog eating contests that we couldn't learn from two?" your fearful friend would say. You simply reply, "What are you? A chicken?!" And you've won.

But back to the lame attempts at comedy. (No, not mine! McCain's!) I've seen McCain be unfunny before, plenty of times actually, but I never realized until Tuesday how similar McCain and I are. Both of us love our own jokes more than anyone else! I won't be so cruel as to suggest going back and watching the debate, but there is one more left. Watch McCain crack up at every miserable, mistimed joke he makes. They're not funny, but you'll still be laughing!