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Terrorism check

That's the face of Timothy McVeigh, also known as the Oklahoma City Bomber. He's a terrorist. What's that you say, "A white terrorist?! Absurdity!" Nay, good friend! Contrary to what you may hear and see in the media, not all terrorists are brown Middle Eastern Muslims. The policemen that killed Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell? Terrorists! They used fear, terror, and violence to achieve a goal. That makes them terrorists! (I know I've said that before, but it's a point that bears repeating.)

Elsewhere, angry Republicans, regular Republicans, and ironic Democrats/Independents keep referring to Barack Obama as a terrorist. This is because he has brown skin, once did charity work with a former domestic terrorist, and has imaginary ties to the Islamic faith. But why isn't anybody calling John McCain a terrorist? Just because he's an old white guy? Um, I believe I just proved that terrorists can come from all walks of life. So without further ado, let me be the first (maybe I'm the first, I don't really know) to make the case that John McCain is a terrorist. Because he is.

1) John McCain supports the War in Iraq. A war that in five years has killed roughly 90,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. John McCain wants to continue killing the innocent. That makes him a terrorist.

2) McCain has used divisive rhetoric and fear mongering to incite hate speech at his rallies. He semi-criticized an old lady who called Obama an Arab, but said nothing about the shouts of "Kill him" and "Off with his head" in reference to Obama. McCain wants hatred, fear, distrust, and ignorance to wash over this nation so he can secure a position of power. That's terrorism.

3) Palin has said she likes spending time in "pro-America" parts of the country. Therefore, she dislikes other parts of America. Guess who else dislikes America? Terrorists. Who has John McCain been palling around with in the last seven weeks? Well, it appears he's been palling around with a terrorist.

4) McCain has and continues to pollute the airwaves with inflammatory messages, calling to action those who follow him. Hmm, I can't remember. Who else does this? Oh, that's right, Osama Bin Laden!

5) Hey, remember that really, really embarrassing picture of McCain hugging George W. Bush? It's so pathetic that I can't help but post it again.

Haha, oh man... Anyway, this is proof that John McCain loves terrorists enough to hug them.

6) G. Gordon Liddy. Enough said.

7) After Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city of New Orleans, leaving thousands homeless, stranded, drowning, starving, and suffering, John McCain ate cake. Only a terrorist could be so cold. (Look who he's eating cake with!)

Satisfied? Seven true examples, not hearsay or myths, proving John McCain is a terrorist. And I didn't even do any research! That was off the top of my head! Who knows what I could have come up with...

I think your friend Don is confused by the URL change! He hasn't posted any comments since then! Dinner on me again next week? -Breya

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