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What then?

I'm tired of McCain's face. Here's an attractive human being.

Now, denouncing an entire political party just isn't my style. Both of them, together? Sure. Maybe even one right after the other, but not just one. I don't like to deal in generalizations, so I'll try to put a percentage on my anger. I'm upset with 9497% of the Republican party. (I'm not so good with numbers, that's more of a ballpark figure. And I kind of stole that joke from Dave Chappelle. Sorry, Dave.)

Upset isn't even the right word, really. Disappointed. Pissed off. Crazy, fist-poundingly disturbed as an intellectual human being. Uhh...really fucking pissed off. Those are probably closer. The reason I'm so angry, other than the fact that John McCain and Sarah Palin have been doing their best to get Barack Obama harmed - or worse - is because even in the midst of almost complete backlash by Democrats, semi-intelligent citizens, and 36% of Republicans, the best thing McCain can say about Obama is that "he is a decent person." A decent person?! That's not a compliment! Such a flattering outpour of emotionalism reminds me of a time when white people used to think - and some still do - that "you're a credit to your race" was a compliment.

And Palin? I have yet to hear her say something quasi-positive about Obama. Then again, I have yet to hear her say something intelligent about anything. She couldn't answer the question, "What magazines and/or newspapers do you like to read?" Are you fucking kidding me?! This person is running for Vice President of the United States of America?! Sorry, I think it just hit me that such a dullard could be the next leader of the free world. Even Bush ran a baseball team, that's way harder than running the state of Alaska.

And that's just two people out of the roughly 95% of Republicans I'm furious with. The reason everyone else gets lumped in is because I have not heard nearly any Republicans, prominent or not, say what a great man Barack Obama is. Giuliani laughed at his community service record. Hannity implied he was a racist and an anti-Semite. There are 329 Facebook groups with a combination of the words "Obama" and "terrorist." Meanwhile, McCain's glowing praise consists of calling Obama decent, a non-Arab, and stating Americans do not have to be fearful of him.

But, and God forbid this were to happen, what if tragedy fell on Senator Obama? Now, I'm in no frame of mind to think about his death - every time I find myself praying lately it's asking God to keep him safe - so let's just say a couple days before the election he gets attacked and ends up in a hospital somewhere in critical condition. What will the Republicans say then? I'll tell you exactly what they'll say.

McCain, Hannity, Giuliani, and damn near all of them will seize the first available mic and express their deepest sympathies for such a great American and his family. They'll call him a patriot. They'll call him a leader. They may even call him a hero. They'll say how Barack Obama epitomizes the American Dream and gives hope to children everywhere. How he is rewriting history books and how his courage makes them find strength in themselves. They'll speak of his brilliance, his humor, his trustworthiness, his compassion, his charity, his kindness, his faith, his love for his family and country. But they'll only say it when he's lying on a gurney with a bullet in his back.

I don't expect McCain or any of his supporters to say all of this about Senator Obama whilst he's campaigning - they don't want to lose the damn thing after all - but it'd be nice to see Obama get more credit than a "decent person." God knows he deserves it.