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Jesse Jackson/David Duke Memorial Blog Post

Wha... What happened? Where am I?

The last thing I remember? Well, Barack Obama had just won the election, gave his speech in Grant Park, and then I - well, I guess I just blacked out. I woke up 10 minutes ago. Wha- What day is it? The 12th?! Oh shit, school... Man, I'm so screwed. What's this? I already wrote about Obama's victory? Good grief was I drunk. I gotta get a newspaper, I need to catch up.


Ugh, the IDS? That's all that's left? Are you kidding me, I have to read this garbage? Ah, fuck it.


Oh good, they finally renamed IU's HPER fieldhouse. Wait, no they didn't. The William L. Garrett/Ora L. Wildermuth Fieldhouse? Slash?! What in the blue fuck did the IU administration do now? Let me see here... "The committee did not want to remove Wildermuth's name because they thought it was unfair to take what Wildermuth said decades ago and bring it into today's light." Seriously? The guy fought and pleaded with IU's president to keep the school segregated. He once wrote that "so few [black people] succeed and the average intellect, economic status, and industry of the race is so far below the white average that it seems futile to build up hope for a great future." But they didn't want to take that into consideration?

I guess by that logic, if I lived on Hitler Boulevard it would be unthinkable to change the street's name because it doesn't matter how lame somebody was in the past, we should only worry about the now. How'd that trustee meeting full of old white guys go?

Old white guy #1: Let's see, Wildermuth was a racist, so that's +1 racism.

Old white guy #2: Well, William Garrett was the first black basketball player in the Big 10, so that'd be -1 racism.

Old white guy #3: Hmm, let me write this down. +1 racism. -1 racism. Gentleman, that equals zero racism! We did it!

Special thanks to my buddy Garrett Lawton!

Why don't you blog anymore? I am always so disappointed when I go to check your blog and find that you still haven't posted anything new!

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