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Dr. Comeback

Photo composite: Wireimage; Courtesy of Cadbury Schweppes

When you haven't written for awhile, you can't come back with just any story. Luckily for me, and unfortunately for all of you, I have found that story. Thank goodness I started checking CNN again, I had forgotten how low it sets its bar for "news."

In perhaps the lamest rock and roll move since Lars Ulrich cried over Napster users sharing Metallica's good 80's and sub-par 90's metal, Axl Rose and his once relevant band Pistols N' Daffodils are suing a soft drink company. Has it come to this? Is rock and roll really over? "Grr! I only got six out of Up! I'll see you in court!" Is anyone aware of the fact that in a real Chinese Democracy we wouldn't even be allowed doctors or pepper?! I'll pay my $2.99 if I want a soda because I'm an American. Fuck you, has-been!