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Beyond help

Look at her. Waving... Smiling... Not being bitter and angry at the world, when we all know she has every right to be! Where does she get off?! My legs work perfectly fine, yet I'm the most cynical human being I know. And I fear the cynicism may be progressing. Let me paint you a picture.

I'm sitting on the bus, very sexily, when a girl I've never before seen on this particular route boards. Let's call her "David" for no good reason. She sits catty-corner to me in the very front row of seats that's about to folded up due to a wheelchair-bound girl who is boarding. This girl I have seen on the bus, she plays the cello I think. She needs a name, too. Let's see, she might be a big Tolkien fan, so I'll just pick a random LotR name. Umm... "Legolas."

Now, I'm all for giving up the front seats to the handicapped, elderly, children, and menacing Panamanians (Which is all of them, am I right?!) but David decided not only to get up, but offered to help the bus driver fold up the seats! When she failed at this task, she went to the door and asked Legolas if she needed any help! Come on! Who is she trying to impress? Obviously it wasn't me. My first reaction was rage. Blind rage.

Clearly, I am the more handicapped.