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I don't like pizza that much!

"End Child Slavery!
Free Pizza!"

This very real sidewalk chalk advertisement currently adorns several slabs of concrete here on IU's campus and it made me laugh out loud the second I read it. One of the reasons it's funny is because I know it's not a joke. Rather, it's a serious attempt to discuss the atrocities of child slavery while offering pizza as an incentive to sign the group's petition and/or donate money and/or whatever. Because honestly, who jokes about child slavery? Well, I do. And my friends do. Here are some of the funnier lines that have been exchanged. (Names have been omitted for fear of ostracism. Or getting into Heaven. Whichever.)

-Heck yeah! I love free pizza!
-Yeah, but I'm pro child slavery so I'd feel bad eating their pizza.

-Maybe you're just a guy who wants to liberate pizza, not kids.
-Yeah, that's right! I mean, do kids suffer under the torturous regime of pepperoni? I think not.
-Definitely not. You gotta choose your cause.

-I would rather have blood diamonds than free pizza.
-Hahahahaha, I want to go around adding that to the ads!
-Maybe Pizza is the name of a child slave.
-Hahahaha, you're killing me! You are the king of child slavery jokes!

-The only way it could've been worse is if it was "End World Hunger!"
-Or maybe "End Child Prostitution!"
-What about "End the Genocide in Darfur!"
-That's not over yet?