Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm waiting...

So, Sarah Palin, you don't like people messing with pictures of Trig, eh? Well, how about this one, you moron? Now your son has Zach Hill Syndrome!

I can't believe he's out of our lives

When Ed McMahon passed away, I knew at least 2 more celebrities were going with him. Didn't think MJ would be one of them. I'll always remember the music above all else.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformerly interested

This is Skids. He's a robot, not a human. So how could he possibly be racist?

Just ask Michael Bay, whose response to the accusation that Skids, and his partner Mudflap, are but crude, ethnic caricatures is as rational as the creation and publication of the characters in the first place.

"I purely did it for kids."

It's pretty funny he says that, cause the other day my nephews of 5 and 2 were telling me how disappointed they were that in the original Transformers, Jazz wasn't as racially offensive as he could have been.

"If only he'd have had a gold tooth," they told me. "And it should've been mentioned that he's illiterate. It only makes sense that the robot with the most stereotypical black-guy cadence and mannerisms can't read!"

But hey, they're not racist. Some of their best friends are robots.

Now, I know the reviews haven't been kind to Revenge of the Fallen (Like this, for instance. Or this! Hilarious!) but that's only so far! I haven't read Rusty DePass's review of the film. Nor have I read any reviews from the Tennessee GOP. Plus, when was the last time any Michael Bay film was received well? (BRAWSH! KRAW! KRAAAAW!!)

So let's relax, Professor Todd Boyd and Assistant Professor Allyson Nadia Field. Couldn't it be that you're simply naysaying? Naysaying everything Michael Bay creates?! Just because you've studied and read about and teach these kinds of things doesn't mean you know any better than a 15-year-old fanboy who really, really wants to see Megan Fox run in slow motion. Cause I've been in the forums, and he says robots can't be racist! He says, Mr. Boyd and Mrs. Field, that "your jus jelous cuz your gay!"

He also says that "fukkin' megan fox would be way cooler then masterbating to her pics online." You gonna argue with that one, professors? I sure as hell won't.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I can only come back with this

It's the 2009 date rape summer anthem! The statement made at 2:29 is the truest thing I've heard all year.